Why Join iStreetShop?

At iStreetShop we believe that if nothing changes on the High Street, then it’s not going to get any better.


By joining iStreetShop you will be taking the first steps to move the High Street forwards, towards a more prosperous and healthier future.

Cost Effective

Cheaper and Easier than setting up and maintaining your own website

Only available to Bricks and Mortar Stores

iStreetShop is only available to Stores that have physical Business Premises

Increase in-store footfall

iStreetShop is uniquely designed to increase footfall into your store, not reduce it away like normal websites do

2 ways to sell

Sell in-store or via Click and Collect, it really is your choice with a simple click

Technology driven

iStreetShop takes care of the online security

24/7 Store Management

Update your Products, Stock-levels and Prices in real-time

Improve Local's knowledge of our store

Allows local customers and visitors to browse your online store, before visiting to make a purchase


Allow Store Manager and Employees to access and update your online store for you

Improve Store Performance

Gain greater insight into what is being bought and viewed at your store, to help you maximise your profitability

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