iStreetShop Store Setup Guide

To register as a store owner, click the link from any page on the iStreetShop website:

You will then be taken to the following screen:


You can then complete the form with your name and store details. As soon as you enter an email address it will send a 6 digit code to the email address entered and you will need to enter that code to proceed.


Should you not receive the code, please check your junk mail or click re-send to have another code sent to you.


When you press submit you will be taken to the following screen:


Click Let’s go! to complete the process, you can return to the setup wizard at any point in the future from the dashboard.

Store Logo – this is small badge or logo for your store that you can upload.


Banner – This should be a photo for the outside of your store, to help shoppers recognise it when they are looking for it along your High Street.


Shop Name – This is the name people will see when they come to your store.


Store email – so customers can contact you


Store phone – so customers can contact you


Store Address – this is the full store address


Find Location – enter the Store Post Code, then move the Green Pin to the exact location to help people find your store.


Shop description – a simple paragraph explaining what you sell, who you are, so people who haven’t ever visited before have an idea what your store is all about.



This is for iStreetShop to pay you when Click and Collect Sales are made through the site.


Paypal or Bank Transfer are the best 2 ways for you to get paid.



These are your in-store policies.


Shipping – this is to apply to any Click and Collect Orders


Refunds – as per your existing Store Policy


Cancellations / Returns / Exchanges – as per your existing Store Policy

Support Setup


This is normally your Store details, fore customer who have any enquiries or issues and need to contact you.

You are now ready to start Selling on iStreetShop.

If you need more guidance, then click on “How to use dashboard?” or visit the Guidance Tab on your Dashboard.

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