iStreetShop Sellers Fees


Fees for listing items on iStreetShop:

We charge two main types of fees when you sell on iStreetShop:

  1. A monthly listing fee (also known as an insertion fee);
  2. Transaction fees for any Click and Collect purchases.
Listing Fees:

When you list an item for sale on iStreetShop, we charge a fee per listing. Listing fees (also known as insertion fees) are non-refundable and payable monthly.

Plan Small StoreMedium StoreLarge Store
Monthly Cost£35£65£100
Number of included Listings5001,2505,000
Click and Collect Transaction Fees:
A Transaction charge for Click and Collect sales made through iStreetShop will be charged in addition to the above monthly listing fee at the rate of 3.5% of the total sale value, plus a fixed fee of £0.30 and is applicable on each sale made.
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