About us

We believe in empowering the High Street, allowing you to view it in a single place online, so iStreetShop can be the place you start your Shopping Experience.

Shop like a Local

With the help of iStreetShop you can arrive in a new destination and know where the sales are…or where you can buy that one item that you forgot to pack!

Support the Local Economy

By buying local you support local job creation, local producers, designers and can access fresher produce…what’s not to like!

Save Money

With no packaging or postage costs and notifications of Sales in your area, rediscover the savings you can make on your High Street


Sometimes next day delivery isn’t soon enough. Find what you need and where is open near you, so you can buy it when you actually need it

Environmentally Friendly

No oversized boxes filled with packaging, less delivery driver, less returns, as you can see the quality for yourself in-store


Go shopping with friends, enjoy a coffee and make shopping a fun and enjoyable experience again

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